BreakPoint Mastering is run by Adam Straney.  The studio, originally started in Seattle, WA in 2011, is now located in Portland, OR as of late 2016.  It is an audio mastering studio consisting of the best analog and digital equipment and software, coupled with incredible speakers and a tuned listening environment to create the best audio masters possible.  Adam works on all genres of music.  He works daily with independent and signed artists and record labels worldwide to provide masters for download, streaming services, CD, vinyl, cassette (yes!  it is actually increasing in demand), and other services such as Apple’s Mastered for iTunes.

Adam is also the producer for the downtempo/beats band, THE NEW LAW. Through over 15 years of experience in audio production, recording, mixing, and mastering of various genres, he has gained knowledge of all aspects of an audio production. From setting up a studio, to recording, producing, sampling, editing, mixing, mastering, releasing his own music on his own independent record label, and promoting his releases, Adam has gained knowledge to help the independent artists get their music to the public fanbase, and most importantly, make it sound great.

Adam will consult with the artist and labels and make sure they get what they want out of mastering. He will not just “make it loud”, he will analyze the tracks to see what or if it needs to be fixed, beefed/warmed/sweetened/etc, and he will make the track sound as the artist envisioned it. If you want your track to sound natural, clean, and dynamic, he will provide that. If you want your track to be the most banging track on a club system, he will do that too. The amazing gear at BreakPoint Mastering covers all tones.  From rich and fat tube EQs and compressors, to exceptionally clean, crisp, or gritty solid state gear.  If you have tracks that differ in sound, for instance one sounding dull and another too sharp, and you want it to be cohesive sounding on the release, he will make it happen. He only accepts payment until the artist is 100% satisfied. BreakPoint Mastering is dedicated to providing the best customer experience and satisfaction that the artist or record label wants.  All of the clients at BreakPoint are friends.