Mastering Rates
Mastering 1-3 Songs $50 each
Mastering 4-6 Songs $45 each
Mastering 6+ Songs $40 each
Extra Vinyl, Cassette, Intrumental, or Radio Version $10 each
Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) $5 each
Short Interlude or Skit in between songs $20 each
DDP Image with CD Text/ISRC Codes $40 for whole project, not each song.

Mastering prices are based on a sliding scale. The more songs that are in the project, the cheaper the rate is. This is because it takes time setting up the gear and software for each master project. For instance, if I master 8 singles in a day, I have to set up 8 times for each project. This takes much more time than say, 1 album with 8 songs that only needs to be set up once.