I highly recommend Adam as a mastering engineer. His work had a big positive impact on the final sound and the quality of our record. Much more so than engineers I have worked with in the past. He did a superb job mastering for vinyl, was professional and easy to work with all along the way.

Christian Runge

Postcard From The Badlands

Adam was an absolute delight to work with. He is an incredibly professional, friendly, and hardworking man. He kept me informed of the process the whole time and tweaked anything I wanted until it was sounding just as I wanted. This guy is pure class. Besides from Adam himself, his equipment is amazing as well. Will be sure to use his services again.


Aiken Muller


Adam is meticulous and thoughtful about his work. Equipped with great ears and great gear, he’s shown enduring commitment to his craft, his clients, and to the end sound. I cannot recommend him highly enough – in fact, I recommend him to everyone I know seeking mastering services, no matter the genre. Don’t lean on that L2 plugin – if you love your music, get it mastered the right way at BreakPoint.


Kyle Michael Porter

Unsound America

Before I sent Adam my songs, they sounded dusty and unclear. The final version he sent me sounded as if he’d dusted off each sound and shined a bright light on each individual part. Every individual sound was more clear and full . It’s crazy how he doesn’t change any of the music but is able to highlight and make every necessary aspect more noticeable. He’s a nice guy and was patient as i sent him feedback for every draft he worked on. I’m really grateful to have had him master my work and can’t wait to share it with the world 🙂

Christian Gunning

Shelf Nunny

I chose BreakPoint because of the quality of Adam’s work. He had worked on a number of my friends records and they all sounded phenomenal. It was a bonus that he was super easy to work with, and was more than willing to do a few passes to get my album to sound better than I could have imagined it. At a very affordable price, too. I’m definitely recommending BreakPoint to friends, and I look forward to working with Adam again on future projects.

Taylor Brown

Tay Sean

I cannot recommend Breakpoint Mastering enough! Adam really goes above and beyond to make sure you are %100 happy. Great peace of mind when you need someone you can trust to finish your music right.

David Marchione

Weirdo Machine

I’ve worked with a variety of mastering engineers, and now that I’ve used Break Point I won’t use anyone else. I recommend Adam to every single band I record and I use him for my personal projects. He knows how to listen and he knows what’s good for your record.

Johnny Goss

Mixing and Recoding Engineer, Producer, Musician, DANDELION GOLD

I couldn’t be happier with Breakpoint Mastering. The integrity of my mixes remain, but they just sound so much better!

Erik Blood

Recording and Mixing Engineer, Producer, Musician

Adam took my sound to the level that it needed to be.  My music has never sounded so good.  I couldn’t be happier with the final product, I’ll definitely be working with breakpoint again. Thank you Adam.


I knew well before I finished my album that I wanted Adam to master it. It’s because he IS a master of audio. Being familiar with his work and especially his own music was a clear indicator that he not only had the proper gear, but more crucially the proper ears. His attention to subtleties is unmatched and vastly important to the listening experience. My newest album needed that touch as it covers a wide range of frequencies and tonal landscapes. The last details of finishing a piece of art usually require very fine-tuned approaches that help it sink into its own place. I’m very glad that Adam was the person to accomplish this.

Scot Porter


Adam absolutely kills it with the mastering. Not only are his services reasonably priced, but he is completely accommodating to your needs as a musician. He’s readily willing to put in the extra hours into your track as if it was his own, unrelenting until you’re 100% satisfied with the results. Adam’s mastering service is also extremely specific when it comes to the type of mastering you’d like for your track, which is something I found unique and special. His customer service is second to none, as well as his talent as a sound engineer. I couldn’t recommend this guy enough! 

Max Chung


Everything about working with Adam has been a pleasure.  He was prompt, courteous, and he got the master perfect on the first pass; we didn’t have to request any revisions at all.  Not only that, but he met the deadline with time to spare.  We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Breakpoint Mastering and the great job Adam did on our tracks.

Patrick Broz

Golden Idols

Adam Straney is a total mastering genius. He takes what I humbly describe as “putting the cover on the book” to the next level. Each song is treated on its own, as if it were its own record. Then wrapped up perfectly. Damn you, Adam, for having the ears I wish I had.

Daniel G. Harmann

Hello Tower

I was originally referred to Breakpoint Mastering by Bob Macc, he told me that Adam really knew his stuff.  I now trust him with all my mastering needs.  He always goes the extra mile by providing multiple versions to choose from and never quits until I’m completely satisfied with the work.  Anytime someone asks me who to go to for mastering, I always refer them to Breakpoint.

Robert Yake

Form Control

Working with Adam was both a smooth and fruitful experience for us.  He breathed in a richness into our songs and we couldn’t be happier with the results.   He was also very easy to communicate with and listened well to our visions and feedback.  We are looking forward to working with him again for future projects!

Eleanor and Lucas


Adam at Breakpoint Mastering is easy to work with, reasonably priced and knows his stuff. His knowledgeable use of outboard-analog combined with digital gear, and attention to what you want him to add to your project/mix sets him apart from other mastering facilities we’ve used in the past. You can tell he actually cares about each project he works with, not just banging them out to make the money and move on to the next one like some mastering studios seem to do. Highly recommend him to anyone with a project ready to take the next step to professional quality mastering with a warmth only analog and tubes (and the knowledge to use them) can provide.

Adam Swan

Recording and Mixing Engineer, Producer, Musician

Adam was recommended to me through a friend. I needed an album mastered in a time crunch, not only did he do that for me but he killed it. The masters sound big and clear, totally professional. Definitely will be referring clients and peers his way.

Kjell Nelson

Recording and Mixing Engineer, Producer, Musician

Adam, I wanted to give you an update on us. We have been played a few times on KEXP now, and we got word earlier that their program director put us into their rotation. The friends who heard it, said it sounded especially good on the radio, thanks again for the great mastering job!